Set in a post apocalyptic version of the 1980s, Wasted has a premise similar to the Fallout series. It differs by mixing first person shooter and roguelike action, and adds in the signature Adult Swim Games charm. With its unique style Wasted has potential to be a great alternative to Fallout but how is the final product?

Wasted consists of completing missions and exploring Coolers, which are dungeons full of enemies and loot. If the player character dies, all the items the previous character had are lost forever. That means you start brand new with what amounts to a peashooter and two pieces of cloth that you call clothes.

This would be irritating, but Wasted has some smart things in place to help players out. In the Coolers are Booze, which gives players buffs for the next dungeon crawl, and also transports the player back to their house. Here the game allows players to store special items and craft better equipment. Combat is handled in real time, but is entirely numbers based which is quite annoying. I often aimed for a person’s head and still missed due to a dice roll.

There’s a story, but the real draw of the game is going to dungeons to get as much rare loot as you can. The game also has support for Xbox controllers and default PC controls are well laid out and work extremely well.

Stuck In The 80’s

Visuals are not the games strongest aspect, but they get the job done. Character models are basic but look good thanks to cel shading and loads of customization. Touches like characters showing armor equipped are a nice touch. However, the Coolers you visit suffer from repetition with floors looking very similar.

Audio is something that Wasted has some trouble with. Weapons sound great with all of them packing an appropriate punch from your simple fists to grenades to shotguns. The voice acting is also pretty great with some genuinely funny dialogue, but it is also suffers from many NPC’s sounding the same and many repeated lines. The faux 80s soundtrack works well but has too few songs. The biggest disappointment is that the music used for the Coolers is bland synth music that doesn’t match the fast paced gameplay.


Wasted is a decent dungeon crawler that has some problems. While the presentation is lacking in a few areas the addictive gameplay loop of exploring coolers and collecting loot helps to make up those problems. Fans of the genre should pick it up if they’re willing to deal with these issues.