-by Victor Cunha

E3´s Ubisoft presentation showed us a game called Steep, that was a sort of SSX with an open-world style game. in the convention, they showed us a gameplay trailer, that showed all the elements of the game, but some were hidden. Hi, I´m Victor and this is my Steep trailer breakdown.

Right at the start of the trailer, at 0:10, we can see that it will have a dynamic weather system, probably having night time gameplay. We also see a little bit of one of the sports, paragliding, of which we´ll see more later.

At 0:27, the narrator tells us the locarion of the game, which are the Alps, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France.
At 0:38, we can see a few challenge markers on the background of the scene, which would probably be Freestyle and Score challenges. These can be the most common challenges when the game launches.
At 0:54, we can see some first-person gameplay that, according to Ubisoft, will be seen from GoPros, meaning it´ll be hard to play that way.
At 1:06, we can see the variety of markers that the game will have, such as challenges and mountains locations. We can also see some commands that your character will have and some items.

A little fast-foward and you´ll see, at 1:12, that the player on the background does a variety of movements, meaning that we´ll have a movement dynamic depending on how inclined the mountain is how steep it is. (haha. get it, steep is the name of the game?)
At 1:28, we can catch a glimpse of the Mountain View and things that a mountain will have in the top left corner.

Fast-foward, and at 1:56, we can see the sports available for the game, that will be Skiing, Snowboarding, Paragliding and Wingsuiting.

If you notice, we can see throughout the trailer that the characters will have different clothes. This could mean two things: the game will allow you to customize your character in each sport or the clothe he/she wears will be random. The sex of the person could also be customizable or random too.
At 2:09, we can see some wingsuit gameplay and a race as it follows. In the wingsuiting suit that the character wears, if you take a closer look, you can see that the game will have a sponsorship for many actions-sports-dedicated brands.
As we can see in 2:56, the impacts and crashes look pretty dangerous and real.

Fast-forward, and we can see how gravity will impact on your character by the text G-Force, which could mean that the harder the impact, the more points you lose. We can also see the trail left by the race, which will be explained later.
From 3:34 and forward, we can see some snowboarding gameplay.
From 4:24 to 4:28, we can see an epic jump.
After all that, some extra gameplay to make people happy, and at 6:51, we can see an epic fail.
What you saw throughout the trailer, was Steep.

Thank you for reading this and if you want to add a detail of information, post it in the comments.

See ya!