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Slime Rancher is the Plort!

Slime Rancher is a delightfully amusing open world simulation game published and developed by Monomi Park.
You take the role of Beatrix Lebeau, a rancher who moved light years away from Earth equipped with a “VacPack” to construct a homestead where she spends her days wrangling the adorable gelatinous blobs know as slimes.

In the game you will have to collect the waste (Poop hehe) of the slimes know as Plort and selling them on the in-game stock market ,But one of the best things is they do not have a set value; Instead, they fluctuate based on how many of each type you have sold in the day.

The gun itself can be a bit frustrating at times when collecting items. I found myself collecting items I didn’t want because the aim picked up whatever was close instead of what I specifically wanted.

I also wish there was a more detailed map or some kind of marking point to better find myself around. Again this is a steam early release so this likely can change.

The music all in all I can say I found myself turning it off. It made me feel like the music at some points did not match the game’s atmosphere and took me out of the feeling of this game.

The gameplay is simple and fun with the basic FPS style controls that anyone can pick up and play. The VakPack which can best be described as a vacuum gun with a jetpack is the only tool you get but the only one you’ll need.

This game is easy to control and with the added controller support it makes the gameplay feel that much more enjoyable and something you can play in the living room. You can add to the game by collecting certain items for the range exchange. When the Slimes eat the plort (gross..but adorable) of another they can become a whole new hybrid of cute and slimy.

What did you think of Slime Rancher,
Was it an adorable accomplishment or a sticky, sticky mess?
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