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Jumping around and reviving a world with Parkour, Refunct is a fun and relaxing game.

Refuct is a relaxing and fun puzzle game using Parkour mechanics to restore the world below. This game is short and simple. It has no real story but this is not the point of this game. Although it is using Parkour it is meant to be more of a puzzle game then anything else. I am a fan of puzzle games and FPS games so this little one caught my interest right away.

The atmosphere and music of the game was simply beautiful and simplistic. I found myself drifting away in my mind playing and listening for an hour or so. I do have to say that I am really missing any kind of story here but this kind of game does not really need one but even a simple narrative or vocal dialog would have made it a bit more immersive. Now to some people this might be a kind of boring game but if you are into puzzle games then I would recommend this one for sure.

The controls are simple but I personally had a weird time dealing with the wall jumping mechanic at times. It was tricky to master at first but I eventually got it. The game is mainly about getting to a button so other parts of the world can be raised and you can continue. I had a lot of fun just randomly jumping and playing to get to the next section. I do want to state that I thought the controls could have been better but this does not break or make the game any less enjoyable, it just makes you have to have a bit of a learning curve when playing for the first time.

Now I have to admit that when I hear the term parkour used in a gaming mechanic I can’t help but think of Mirror’s Edge. Let’s get it straight that this is not really like M.E. at all and remember that this is a game that is along the lines of puzzler. I enjoyed it and hope you will to.