by | Jul 19, 2016 | PC, Review | 0 comments

Building bridges was once the wheelhouse of high paid engineers and skilled laborers, but not anymore. From indie developer Dry Cactus comes the surprisingly refreshing Poly Bridge. There are many physics based video games out there, but Poly Bridge has a certain style and charm that makes it a joy to play.

Speaking of designs, the sandbox mode allows you to create your own levels and torment your family and friends with them. They’ll be sure to love your triple loop-de-loop drawbridge, but why stop there? You can share the level with every other player via the Steam Workshop and download a few more levels to challenge yourself with, as well. Also, you can share your victories and defeats on social media with the game’s replay feature turning the event into a GIF; or you can share it live on Twitch, with a unique gamer-viewer experience.

Dry Cactus set out to deliver something more than just a physics sandbox. They wanted their game to have a unique art style and an air of playfulness to it, while still challenging the players problem solving skills. They succeeded, in my estimation. Poly Bridge’s 100+ levels all have some level of challenge to them and can sometimes lead to you wondering if there even is a solution. However, I rarely found myself overly frustrated with the challenges. Instead, I saw it as a chance to think outside the box with designs.

I have played several physics games on Steam and two of my favorites are Universe Sandbox and Kerbal Space Program. I would rank Poly Bridge right up there with those two fantastic experiences. There’s equal parts challenge, learning, and the opportunity for utter mayhem. In a gaming world full of mindless action and explosions, it is refreshing to have another game that challenges you on a problem solving level.

The only possible negative aspect would be the simplistic textures and the overall flatness of the game’s models, but there is a certain charm about it that can’t be denied.

Poly Bridge is available on Steam for $11.99 regularly, but is on sale at the time of this review for only $8.99.