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Playdead’s “INSIDE” is simplistically unnerving and beautifully terrifying. From the creators of LIMBO, Inside takes you on a dark & psychological 2D thriller that has you questioning “what comes next” and “What is going on” every moment of play. The game is also physiologically and physically violent and at times can leave you exhausted from tension and suspense. The world is dark and the suspense is perfect. INSIDE is at its heart a puzzle game and the puzzles are amazingly laid out and rewarding. The game has you wanting to solve all the puzzles to find out what you will learn about this world and the dark project you find yourself in.

The only thing that I was really disappointed with is the length of the game. I know LIMBO was also short but I really wanted this game to be longer and I felt like I was left wanting. The game can be beat with one long sitting, which is what I did. I understand that most people will have to pause and play later but even with that the game will still feel short.

With that being said sometimes a short game is better than a game that draws on to long ruining what makes it special. All in all I think this game gives you a great experience that will last.

The controls are very simple and almost identical to LIMBO which is a good thing. The puzzles however are far more advanced this time around. With the ability to move around objects instead of having to climb around them makes for more in depth puzzle solving and use. As far as what you can do, it’s very simple. You can jump, grab and move. That’s basically it and that’s all you need. The environment and atmosphere is among the most powerful and prominent that I personally have ever seen. With an eerie, creepy & violent feel you are left at the edge of your seat wanting to know more with baited breath.

Do you think INSIDE is a worthy successor to LIMBO or does it fall short?
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