Plastiland is one of those games that takes an already known idea and makes it their own.

Before I start this I would like to inform you that I played this game on steam with a key given to me by Zillion Whales (Thanks a million). I do however know that the game is also available on iPhone App store and highly encourage you to play it on there as it seems it was designed for a touch type experience. This is a great concept especially when you consider that the game is made of clay and clay is something you obviously use your hands with. I just thought that was neat. You can use a touch screen PC as well I suppose.

The game is fun and I would play it when trying to relax or just for something fun to do. Playing for a long period of time will get you hooked on trying to figure out the net level.

The only thing I found myself being a little confused about at first was that fact that the game states it’s made out of clay and it seems visually like the clay itself has been in some areas cleaned up and in 0ther instances animated within a game engine itself. It’s a bit more clean than Neverhood but still has a noticeable clay style which I absolutely love.

The game is a puzzle game very similar to the gameplay of lemmings and the visual style of Neverhood as they clearly state that on their video provided above.

I absolutely love the clay aspect and the lemmings gameplay as I always enjoyed it when I was younger.
The game makes you guide your “plastiball” Characters to a goal and you have to get as many as the level tells you. This provides funny and unique ways to use the games various characters to get to the goal.
When trying to reach the goal you can transform your plastiballs into different characters like cruncher, crusher, builder, and others to help you make your way successfully

The levels themselves also become a problem when things like sleeping bombs, scattered additional roles, nullify zones, and portals. With all these combined you will be sure to have a great time figuring out the best course of action.

What do you think of Plastiland, Is it a win or a dried up mess?
Let us know in the comments below.

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