Straight from the mouth of Nintendo insider, Phoenix Wright Spirit of Justice has an official US released date of September 8, 2016. This will make it the eighth game in the beloved series to be released in the US and the first non spinoff non crossover game since Dual Destinies back in 2013. Like Dual Destinies it will be a digital only release available on the 3DS store priced at $29.99. The game was already released in Japan on June 9,2016 were it was the top-selling game of the week with 196,831 sales where it was given a rating of 34/40 from Japanese game magazine Famitsu.

Spirit of Justice will reintroduce Phoenix’s first legal aide/ spiritual medium Maya Faye who has not been seen since Trials and Tribulations back in 2004. She will be rejoining Phoenix as he visits the island of Khura’in, a mystical land where lawyers are seemingly unnecessary due to the prevalence of spirit mediums who have the ability to conjure visions of the last minutes of a victims life. While they deal with that, Phoenix’s aides Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes are holding down the fort back in the very Japanese looking “California” as they deal with their own cases that will most likely connect to the Phoenix story in a convoluted but well written fashion as befitting the excellent writing and story telling in past games.

For those new to the franchise the Phoenix Wright series is a point and click adventure game mixed with a visual novel. The point and click portion is for gathering clues and investigating crime scenes but the real meat of the games take place in the court room where you must examine witness testimony for contradictions to prove your client’s innocence. All the while dealing with a colorful cast of absurd characters and some of the wittiest writing in all of video games.