On this episode of Out of the Box Jeff unboxes Soul Calibur V – Collector’s Edition. We notice that it has a very nice box, a great artbook and the official soundtrack.


The story of SoulCalibur V opens up 17 years after the events of SoulCalibur IV. Siegfried has destroyed Nightmare and shattered the Soul Edge into countless pieces, but the land is far from acheiveing peace. I am introduced to Patroklos, a brash, young warrior fighting in the name of justice. The malfested, the people infected by Soul Edge’s influence that still roam the land, killed Patroklos’s mother and abducted his sister. His mother was none other than Sophitia Alexandra from previous games. His sister, Pyrrha, is somewhere out there, and Patroklos is determined to find her and make his family whole again. Little does he know, his destiny suddenly becomes intertwined with the Soul Calibur.