Old Spice is known for making some incredibly ridiculous and hilarious commercials and viral marketing videos. Now they have taken their first steps into video games with that same mentality and I absolutely love it.

The Game Old Spice You Land places you in a 1980’s neon style universe and mixes some of the best retro games into that. From games like Rad racer to Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s Special Stages the game offers a variety of levels that you are sure to enjoy.

When you visit the games website you will be asked to connect your FaceBook account. You cannot play the game without doing this because it is fundamental to the entire game.

After connecting to FaceBook the game will use you and your actual friends as characters in the game.

When the game starts and after the shameless fourth wall breaking (This will happen a lot) from Terry Crews you will start your adventure.

Overall the game is very enjoyable and they put in just enough pauses for fourth wall breaking, shameless plugs, badly preformed (but in a good way) cut scenes and more.

You will of course morph into a car and the hilarity is constant.

Overall this game is pretty great and it is definitely fun.
Play the game at youroldspicegame.com/