The final Fallout 4 DLC takes place at the new Nuka-World theme park. What was once a monument to delicious soda and capitalist achievement has now become the home of vicious raiders, insane Nuka-Cola themed robots, alligator deathclaws, and other creative reskins of enemies you’ve encountered for years now. Though most exciting of all, you can now become the leader of your own raider gang and take over settlements in the Commonwealth. But is it worth buying?

First let’s get the best part of this DLC out-of-the-way, the park and the atmosphere itself. Seeing the home of horrors that this former wallet-draining model of merriment has become is morbidly fascinating. It helps add some world building to the Fallout universe, adds more of that classic dark humor the series is known for, has a perfect cameo from Fallout 3 and is a surreal wonder for anybody whose been to a theme park. Just exploring the place is a joy and can easily take up to 20 hours depending on how thoroughly you look around.

The gameplay is your standard Fallout 4 stuff and although the difficulty isn’t too overbearing, it’s still enough to provide a decent challenge. But what about this new fangled raider system? Well, if you ever wanted to kill your settlers or enslave them this is your chance. However, the end result is still a settlement though obtained in a much darker fashion. If for whatever reason you don’t feel like enslaving a place that already works for you and is subject to your every whim, well than there aren’t any major effects in the Commonwealth itself.

Not helping matters is that good old Fallout 4 writing where every ending is essentially the same. You see, you have to contend with three different gangs. The Pack, a group of animal tamers that are little better than the animals they raise. The Disciples, a group of fanatics who love to torture, maim, and murder for the sheer thrill of it. And the Operators, the cold practical gang that’s just in it for the caps. As you take over different parts of the park you assign the territory to different gang members. Well there are three gangs but only five locations so someone is going to get left out no matter what you do

This “under appreciated” 3rd gang will than take over the power plant forcing you to ally with the two “loyal” gangs to take them out. Aside from a different final perk based on who you ally with, any difference in gang affiliation is pretty much cosmetic. There is of course a good option for those who don’t want to support slavers, murderers and other associated psychopaths. Is it some complex Machiavellian plan pitting the gangs against each other so they collapse under the inherent weight of their evil? No just shoot the leaders in the head and that’s that.

Though lacking in the story department, and having a new feature that’s essentially a new way of gaining settlements, Nuka-World is still worth the buy just for the theme park alone. For only $20 dollars you get potentially 10 to 20 hours of new Fallout 4 action in one of the series most well made locations. If you already have the DLC from the season pass than give it a whirl. If you don’t but are eager to explore a post apocalyptic theme park this is one of if not the best one out there. If you just don’t like Fallout 4 than this won’t change your mind, though I would still recommend you get it whenever it’s on sale.