Nintendo has been absolutely secretive concerning it’s upcoming major console, code named “NX.” Announced back in March of 2015, fans have been both excited and curious to find out more about this next-gen system. However, Nintendo has kept their lips sealed tight for fears that their new innovation would be copied, stating that they were “worried about imitators.”

Known for their unique approach to gaming, as well as their out-of-the-box ideas, Nintendo stunned the market when they released the Wii back in 2006 with the dual handled Wii Remote and corresponding Nunchuk attachment. The release of the Wii U in 2012 came with a multi-purpose controller with an interactive video touch screen, akin to the technology of the DS series of handheld devices, but with much more sophistication. It’s no wonder they would want to keep the info about the NX under wraps until its release in 2017.

Sources have shown an image of a patent application made by Nintendo for a full screen controller, and the rumor mill has reported the potential for Nintendo to return to it’s roots with a cartridge-based operation for the new console. Nintendo has shown major success with cartridge media in the new generation as shown with the 3DS games. With modern technology improving, the need for a disc platform begins to become more and more unnecessary as storage media the size of a quarter can hold up to 128 gigabytes of data, so the idea of the NX switching game mediums seems highly realistic. Add in standard consoles coming with hard drives, online updates for virtually every game, add-on content, etc, and the picture seems very plausible. For the time being, the best we can do is wait for Nintendo to reveal information when they feel that the time is right.