Back to the city of glass

Now before I go on I would like to let everyone who reads this to know that I am a huge Mirror’s Edge fan and it has had a special place in my heart from the first time I ever played it. My review is based on my love of the first game and how it has transferred to the new game.

With that out of the way lets begin

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst puts you back into a re-imaged/younger Faith with a whole new cast world to explore. There are some pros and cons to this format. The pros of course are that you can free run for hours and never really have to stop. The cons are that with this city it may be confusing at times to remember where landmarks are but that’s why we have maps right? The city seems to be designed weirdly even for a futuristic one. Bar, houses, rooftops and statues are all meshed together on rooftops and can make the landscape seem a bit odd and confusing at times.

Running will set you free

Let’s be honest Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is pretty much all about running but let take a look at the other elements of the game. Unlike the first game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has an upgrade system (Hooray for learning curves) This upgrade system will enhance Faiths abilities, combat and gear. For instance you will have to upgrade your skills to have the same set of moves given to you in the first game at the start. It’s a bit annoying but we also realize she is younger and still mastering the art of running.

The combat mechanics can feel sluggish and confusing at times but if you learn it and remember it you will be able to kick some ass. The problem I had was I would move and jab but would completely loose line of sight with the enemy and they would get a easy hit from me until I turned around. The assistants of a lock on feature would have greatly improved this mechanic.

The gear was a surprise to say the least I never imaged feeling like spider man in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. (Spoilers. Sort of.) in the game you acquire grappling like hook to swing you from a space that is to big to run. It was surprisingly easy to handle and use in the game and I personally love that you can only do it in very limited places.

Hanging by a story

The games story is engaging and it delves into who Faith is as a person and answeres many raised and unanswered question from the first game. As a fan of the first game, this really pleased me to experience. The side quests can make the story seem pretty sporadic if you do not stick to story only. This can draw you away from the story causing you to be confused and disconnected. I feel as though you would really have to stick to the story only missions to get a very immersive experience.

Control yourself

Other than the occasionally difficult combat the simplified controls help you travel fast, fluid, and keeps the game enjoyable and re-playable.