Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue gets a new trailer and an official release date. The game will feature the original 3DS exclusive Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance now in HD, HD cut scenes from Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover (the mobile game), and the new Kingdom Hearts 2: Birth By Sleep- A Fragmentary Passage. This final part takes place after the secret ending in Birth By Sleep Final Remix and will show us for the first time what Aqua was up to in the Dark Realm. This portion will apparently be similar to how Kingdom Hearts 3 will function giving us a prologue of sorts to that long-awaited game.

So if you need something to scratch your Kingdom Hearts itch as you wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to finally grace this earthly realm, you’ll have to wait until January 28, 2017. Unless you’re Japanese in which case you can get it January 12, 2017.