-by Judith Pierre


Currently I’m playing Overwatch and Destiny-The Taken King and while these two games are not that similar I can’t help but compare the two. They each possess qualities that I love in games I choose to play, Bungie the makers of Destiny have made massive improvements to the game including a new character interaction matrix, a newly expanded arsenal, changing mission design and cutting out allot of the repetitive gameplay issues from the original, giving hope for the future of this franchise along with offering some pretty kickass gameplay, taking into account most concerns that players had with the game and addressing them in a progressive manner by doing away with them Good job Bungie

While Overwatch gives you that Call of Duty/Halo type feel and gameplay that most online multiplayers are use to with a little something different like the ability to switch characters in battle (a little similar to COD) and an array of different characters to choose from each with their own special set of abilities and skills from snipers to healers, mech support to the muscle, each offering a unique ability which can give your team the right edge for the battle or to help your personal stats, along with offering a wide array of character options both male and female to don’t leave you wanting.

Team structure while important doesn’t seem absolutely necessary to prevail, though I’d recommend staying away from the lone wolf approach and being a team player as much as possible, as the dynamics of the game are structured for such, Example being The Widow Maker ( Great name right? ) of course being my favorite character to play though not always what I choose base on the dynamics of the team I’m paired with if there’s a gap in the team’s strength you definitely want to fix it to better your chances of coming out the victor.

Whether your offense or defense will determine what key elements you need on your team and accommodating to those needs could be the difference between a win or a loss which is something that I think allot of the new players have yet to grasp, and while you are playing with literal strangers a good majority of the time who doesn’t love that feeling of camaraderie and success from a game well played and strategized.

Over all Overwatch is a great game for the gamer that wants something quick and not overly complicated that still fulfills the want of multiplayer without subjecting you to AI to deal with, giving the gamer a unique experience every time and with 21 different characters to play along with future DLC and kid friendly game play I’d say it’s definitely in it for the long haul.