Hatsune Miku might be the most interesting person ever . Miku is a personified voice synthesis program called Vocaloid and is extremely popular in Japan. She has had a few games released in the States thanks to Sega but most of the Hatsune Miku Project Diva series has stayed in Japan due to licensing and a small audience. Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone is the latest in the series but does hit a high note or is it completely out of sync?

Gameplay for Project Diva Future Tone is standard rhythm game practices. Notes move along the screen and using either the Control Pad or the Face Buttons you press the correct button and are awarded points based on accuracy. Notes also have to be held and occasional notes require the analog stick to be quickly flicked or held. It may sound simple and while on Easy the game isn’t terribly difficult the games difficulty quickly ramps up. I consider myself to be proficient at rhythm games I can 5 star most songs on Expert in Rock Band but even on Normal some of the songs in Future Tone are extremely tough and the Hard and Extreme difficulties are insane.

I Want To Miku Everyday

Music is important in a rhythm game and while the soundtrack might be divisive for people it has such an amazing variety that is has to be applauded. The massive 230 song soundtrack covers most if not all genres of music. Everything from J-Pop to Metal to Jazz are included in this soundtrack and of course Miku fans should be in a for treat. As you finish songs you earn VP which is used to unlock costumes and Accessories for the rhythm game portion. There are unique costumes for each of the songs and as a extra bonus there are costumes based on Sega games like Space Channel 5 and Valkryia Chronicles which should keep completionists busy for a while.

Visuals aren’t really important for a music but Project Diva Future Tone is gorgeous. The video and characters run at 60FPS without any dips and have such a fluid motion to them it is almost mesmerizing, The video however can mix with notes and mess you up and sadly there is not an option to lower the video brightness down which is rather unfortunate. The sound quality is fantastic as well and each song has a great mix to it.

Importing Issues

Project Diva Future Tone is a Japanese PSN exclusive which means importing is the only way to get it. The game comes as a free download and can be purchased as 2 packs of 120 and 100 songs respectively each of which is 4,200 yen or about $44 each.  It means that for everything the game about $90 which might seem quite high but considering that Rock Band 4 is $120 for 60 songs and Guitar Hero Live is $100 for 40 songs it really isn’t that bad. Understanding of Japanese isn’t required as menus are easy to understand.