Fallout 4, one of the first big name titles to be touting console mods as a built in feature, has hit a snag. The Playstation 4 version of the modding system has been delayed, with no word on when it will finally become available.

The news was delivered via Twitter and has already garnered a mixed response. Some gamers are upset at the delay and are voicing their displeasure, while others are expressing a desire for Bethesda to take their time and release a fully functional system.

The Xbox One has had mods available since May and has seen a mix of successes and failures with the system. Fan feedback has been overall positive, though. According to Bethesda’s website, mods on the Playstation are facing several critical issues. PC textures not rendering properly or causing lag, audio files not working, etc.

Unfortunately, it appears that Fallout fans on the PS4 will just have to wait for Bethesda’s team to conquer these issues.