Fallout 3: Pip-Boy 3000 Ipod touch Mod

As you may have seen over the internet there have been a lot of people making mods of the pip boy 3000 from the “Survival Edition” of “Fallout 3″
Now we do not pursue cosplay tips and hints often but if we can help at some point we will. This one was a bit interesting so we decided to share.

Note: These videos are only intended for cosplaying everything in the videos is registered to Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company

Video Looping Instructions

As you may know if you have an Iphone/Itouch there is no option in the “video section” to continuously repeat videos so here a quick way around that.
1. Create a new playlist in itunes for Iphone/Itouch titled “Music Videos
2. Import the downloaded video there.
3. right click and press “get info” hit the “Options video” select “Music Video” in the “Media Kind” box and press ok.
4. This should put your videos in the videos section and in the music section under music videos, The only way to loop it is to play the video through your Music section under playlists. Push repeat at the top left while playing, and wallah, Done!

Video Downloads

http://www.consolealliance.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/zip ca.png download: Galaxy News Radio (188.61MB)
added: 24/12/2009
clicks: 8676
description: This file contains 30 minutes of the Pip-Boy 3000's Galaxy News Radio screen. It has been formatted to play on the Ipod Touch and Iphone. (MPEG-4 video format) It also has great video and sound quality.

http://www.consolealliance.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/zip ca.png download: 2 Min Stat loop (B)
added: 09/12/2009
clicks: 4851
description: Stats for fallout 3

Alternate format download for G.N.R.

http://www.consolealliance.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/video.png download: G.N.R. (Galaxy News Radio) (B)
added: 16/05/2010
clicks: 3875
description: As requested by many people this is G.N.R. converted to Quick Time format. Enjoy. (Size 229 MB)


Amazon.com’s “Fallout 3: Survival Edition Purchasing Link
Fallout 3: Survival Edition

Game Website
Fallout 3 Official game Website

Professor Gigaton’s Youtube Channel
www.youtube.com/user/ProfessorGigaton No Longer Active

Fallout 3 Nexus (A cool place for “Fallout 3″ Downloads, Add-ons, Sounds and more )
Fallout 3 Nexus Official Site


Here are a few images of the Pip Boy 3000 Ipod touch mod in use with a Vault Dweller (aka Lone Wanderer) Cosplay.

Bonus Stuff

Exclusive Fallout 3 Styled Console Alliance Wallpaper.

All Images and logo’s are registered trademarks of 2009 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company


  1. Does anyone have the issue where 3 dog’s voice sorta skips whenever it comes back from a song? Also can you guys do the same for Radio New Vegas in Fallout New Vegas.

    • Could you email me on how to fix that skip in error after a song ends and about a possible radio new Vegas recording for my iPod touch. hope you can help. Thanx! My email: J.rios1913@gmail.com

  2. do you think you can pose some of the other radio stations… for like, fallout new vegas and what not, please if you can email me at leonardwilliams16@yahoo.com i built my own pip boy it works fully and i mean fully down to a ekg sensor anyways i need the other radio stations and would really love love love to have the other radio stations on it

    • I hope they put it up as well. I’d love to hear the Enclave radio too.

  3. fail. absolute fail. tried for 3 and a half hours and none of my programs could run it.

  4. Can you please make me one of them and ill pay you???

  5. I don't know what to tell you, It works for me. Please try it again and try both links.

  6. Fantastic. This rocks!

  7. Awesome

  8. nc outfit as the player of fallout

  9. Ok so I downloaded the video and put it in the folder But can't find it

  10. yeah how do i import this onto my ipod?

    • go to cydia and look for Dtunes or installous i forgot and open Dtunes go to videos then type this http://www.consolealliance.com/archives/fallout-3… than once at this site click the galaxy news radio download link :)

  11. i would love it if you could make it for android. i have about 40 friends who are waiting for a pipboy app

  12. can i put this on my zune hd

  13. Is it possible to have the 2 minute loop with a different name?

    • or can u tell me how u recorded it?

  14. I don’t have a computer and anytime I search or try to click the link for gnr on my iPod and I cannot download it suggestions?

  15. It's cool but you should launch an app like PipClock.com

    • The PipCLock is actually an awesome app for any Fallout 3 or apocalyptic fan.
      If we knew how to make one we would make one.

  16. Your Ipod does not have to be jail broken, I play my video and my Ipod is not jail broken. I just drag the video onto a music playlist on Itunes and push get info, under that I classify the video as a Music Video. It will have loop ability after that.

  17. IW- Just to be certain, the ipod touch needs to be jailbroken for the the loop to dowload & play? And, is iPod(previous) version 3.1.2


  18. ummm question how did you crop it to that size and do you mean you put in an after fx??

  19. i cant seem to get the gnr to download properly is the link broken?

    • I don’t know what to tell you, It works for me. Please try it again and try both links.

      • Thats weird it works now thanks anyway for providing the link there great!

  20. I changed the default download program for the files on accident and they won’t work any idea how to fix it?

  21. You’ve done an excellent job there! I must say this is gonna be perfect for my Vault Dweller cosplay this weekend. :3

  22. Just wanted to thank you again. This, combined with a full Vault Utility Jumpsuit costume I spent weeks sewing together (complete with red Converse and a utility belt) blew away all of my friends last Halloween. It was so cool, I’m wearing it again this Halloween in advance of Fallout: New Vegas.

  23. ummm question´╗┐ how did you crop it to that size and do you mean you put in an after fx??

    • What I did was just screen captured the Pip-Boy 3000 on the radio setting for a while and then took it and cropped it in After Effects.

      • thanks i just needed to put it in after affects because i video captured my stats

        • Awesome, If you want to send me your file I would love to add it to the download above. Would you mind?

          • no not at all but would i send you an email with it

  24. I’m really excited about this! Roll on October 19th!

  25. hay I cant get the download thing for the GNR radio

    • I have fixed the download link and it should be working now. sorry for the inconvenience.

  26. Awesome job on the costume bud, I was planning on doing something similar. Was just wondering if you could walk me through how you attached the velcro straps to the pipboy?

    Much appreciated

  27. thanks for the great post

  28. Im actually having trouble with these downloads, Im not sure if this is what you did but an idea I had was to use a video capture card and capture the pipboy 3000 in action through the game

  29. What model Ipod touch is best for this?

  30. Quick Time vers. doesn't seem compatible with my iPod. The zip file doesn't work either. Is it possible to make it an mp4 file?

  31. I just uploaded GNR in Quick Time format for anyone who wants it or for anyone who is having trouble with the current version.

  32. Alas, whether you have made changes or not, it still shows up as an M4V file. The problem now seems to be an error in the file rendering me unable to extract it from the .zip. Sadly, re-downloading appears to have no effect. Maybe it’s a problem on my computer rather than a file type issue.

  33. It isn’t working for me either. M4V files for some reason don’t like to work on my computer. Could you possibly send me a file (or a link) in a different format?

    • @Aeden M. Remember that I encoded this video to play on Ipod Touch & Iphone. I did not encode the video to play back on pc’s. However, Since it has come up so much I will add another download to the video in “Quicktime” (mp4) format

  34. Hey! The stat loop is great and works perfectly! But the G.N.R one wont work right! I tried downloading several times and it gets downloaded but it comes out as an mp3 file but doesnt play in quick-time real player or wmp? Maybe you could take it down and repost it? Please? For me? Well if you do then thank you very much!

    • @Jake Thomas That is weird it works for most people? Tell you what, Let me know what format you would like it in and I will send it to you. I suggest registering with the site so I can private message you a link to download the format you want.

  35. Excellent post, I am a huge fan of your site, keep up the good work, and I’ll be a regular for a long time.

  36. Exuse me sorry. It came out as a M4V file! It doesnt work!

  37. I’ll be back again, thanks for the info.

  38. Very helpful… I will return soon!

  39. Interesting article, I am now a subscriber!

  40. I just completed this mod myself. The video is awesome, my only complaint is with Apple's auto orientation feature which you will find forces the video to constantly switch from portrait to landscape mode as you walk around. It wont interrupt the playback, but its annoying in a nit picky way. :)

    My advice is to cut a little at a time, I ended up melting too much out and had to use 3M automotive grade double sided tape to keep the iphone in.

    Also, cut out the vents on the right side of the device for speaker holes, it works perfect.

  41. Knives on a stove, nice! You’re braver than I or at least I’m not sure I have enough skill to make that work as well as you did. I think I’ll go pick up a soldering iron. :) Thanks so much for getting back to me.

  42. Thanks for the compliments on the tutorial everyone.

    To Nitro9a I access the home button by sticking my finder in behind the wall, it does not lay flat across the edge so I have space to do so. About the melting I actually had nothing equipment wise with me so i just did it the most primitive way by heating up the end of knives on a stove lol, but I would suggest using a Soldering iron. that would work wonders.

    Also update on the tutorial, download a simple flashlight app and change the color to greenish so it can be used as a flashlight.

  43. Great job! Thanks for making this tutorial. I'm putting together a Pip-boy for myself for Halloween. A couple of questions… How do you access the home button (Or does the Ipod Touch even have a home button? I'm using my Iphone.) Also, what did you use to melt the wall?

    Thanks and thanks in advance for any help!

  44. You sir, are a god. I’m doing this for Halloween this year and, after finding Otaku Joe’s, have been hunting for a good tutorial. Yours is definitely the most complete of all I’ve seen, and the video is a perfect complement to the pictures I made of every single Pipboy information screen. (I plan on switching between radio and static images during the night like you do in the real pipboy.) Can’t wait to get back to work on mine now.

  45. Man, that is freakin' cool!
    I wished I had one, then I could cosplay as the lone wanderer!

  46. You did an awesome job. Better fit than mine and your videos are the best.

    Well done!
    Otaku Joe

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