As you may have seen over the internet there have been a lot of people making mods of the pip boy 3000 from the “Survival Edition” of “Fallout 3”
Now we do not pursue cosplay tips and hints often but if we can help at some point we will. This one was a bit interesting so we decided to share.

Note: These videos are only intended for cosplaying everything in the videos is registered to Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company

Video Looping Instructions

As you may know if you have an Iphone/Itouch there is no option in the “video section” to continuously repeat videos so here a quick way around that.
1. Create a new playlist in itunes for Iphone/Itouch titled “Music Videos
2. Import the downloaded video there.
3. right click and press “get info” hit the “Options video” select “Music Video” in the “Media Kind” box and press ok.
4. This should put your videos in the videos section and in the music section under music videos, The only way to loop it is to play the video through your Music section under playlists. Push repeat at the top left while playing, and wallah, Done!

Video Downloads ca.png download: Galaxy News Radio (188.61MB)
added: 24/12/2009
clicks: 9223
description: This file contains 30 minutes of the Pip-Boy 3000's Galaxy News Radio screen. It has been formatted to play on the Ipod Touch and Iphone. (MPEG-4 video format) It also has great video and sound quality. ca.png download: 2 Min Stat loop (B)
added: 09/12/2009
clicks: 5420
description: Stats for fallout 3

Alternate format download for G.N.R. download: G.N.R. (Galaxy News Radio) (B)
added: 16/05/2010
clicks: 4249
description: As requested by many people this is G.N.R. converted to Quick Time format. Enjoy. (Size 229 MB)

Links’s “Fallout 3: Survival Edition Purchasing Link
Fallout 3: Survival Edition

Game Website
Fallout 3 Official game Website

Professor Gigaton’s Youtube Channel No Longer Active

Fallout 3 Nexus (A cool place for “Fallout 3” Downloads, Add-ons, Sounds and more )
Fallout 3 Nexus Official Site


Here are a few images of the Pip Boy 3000 Ipod touch mod in use with a Vault Dweller (aka Lone Wanderer) Cosplay.

Bonus Stuff

Exclusive Fallout 3 Styled Console Alliance Wallpaper.

All Images and logo’s are registered trademarks of 2009 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company

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