Evolve Stage 2 a free-to-play version of the 2015 4V1 Team Based Monster Shooter has been announced by Turtle Rock Studios. Evolve was released in 2015 to generally positive reviews but was ignored by gamers due to it abundance of DLC and Expansions Packs released on Day One. The company states they have learned from the mistakes they made and plan to change it for the better.

Players who purchased the game and at least one piece of DLC will be given Founders status. Founder will be given 3,000 Silver Keys, all past and future Adaptations for previously owned Hunters and Monsters, dozens of Weapon Skins, and four unique, animated Founder badges. If Founders owned any Hunters, Monsters, or Skins previously, those will be carried over to Evolve Stage 2. There will also be new, exclusive badges, skins and assorted cosmetics for Founders. Evolve Stage 2 is currently on Steam as a beta and will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One sometime later.