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Catlateral Damage is a cute, devastatingly adorable game.

You play as a cat who is on a mission of destruction your target is anything you can get you furry little paws on. During your personal rampage of the area you get fun “events” which contain awesome side objectives like killing the red dots to catching a mouse.

The game has two modes of gameplay: first is objective this mode gives you a certain number of object to knock to the floor or getting a certain score before the time runs out. The second and cleverly named litterbox mode let you run around on a rampage with no time limit to stop you.

There is not much of a story to this game as all you really do is destroy and knock over everything in the room you are in.


During the game you also have the ability to unlock various adorable cats to play as. All these cats they designed and are using we are assuming are based on real ones since they are on the wall as pictures.

The game has basic FPS controls and is easy for anyone to pick up and start playing. You can jump, swipe your paw and touch things. There is not much more I can tell you about the controls.

Although the game is adorable and crazy fun I did have a problem with the length in which I played it. I played for a couple hours and then stopped as there is not really much more then destroying everything. I know that is the point of the game and not much more is there but this game is one of those that you really can’t play for hours and hours.