Late Tuesday evening, the long awaited Pokémon GO app began its launch in Australia and New Zealand. Various Facebook fan groups have been both showing off the new Augmented Reality (AR) game, and lamenting at having to wait longer for their version to be released. Currently, the iOS version has not been launched in North America yet, however Android users can find the official APK link here at the Google Play Store. Some Facebook and Reddit users have reportedly found a link to download the iOS version early, however members are finding that the download has an “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” message for their iDevices, stating that the app “will not be available for use” until it is “trusted,” which is something iPhone and iPad owners can manually change, however users find this very wary as properly downloaded iOS software from the App store does not flag such a warning.

Still, some fans are taking the risk and downloading from this source. For the rest of the North American users, the best they can do is wait for the official release, or do like some and refresh the search term “Pokémon GO” over and over in the App Store until it shows up.