The second episode of Batman is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand the story is still intriguing as we learn that there is no misunderstanding or lies from the villains. Thomas Wayne was a monster. Plot wise this is a fantastic twist as it forces Bruce Wayne to rethink his family legacy and his very mission as Batman since half of the people whose death he has sworn to avenge really had it coming. Furthermore, it’s fantastic because even as an avid comic reader, the idea of the evil Wayne’s has only really been explored by Grant “Sometimes Pretentious Sometimes Brilliant” Morrison.”

Unfortunately, gameplay wise this episode falters a bit. The major decision you make at the end of the last episode doesn’t appear to have any significance in this one at all. Furthermore, most of the decisions you make don’t even have any significant bearing in this episode. There was one key point where I had to make a choice that really wrestled with me since it involved me potentially betraying my friendship with Harvey just to get information. But, without spoiling anything it ended up being completely pointless.

On a further gameplay level, we have yet to have another detective segment and the sequence where you plan out how to take out a room of thugs Sherlock style wasn’t anywhere near as complex as the last episode. However, the action scenes were still top-notch and I continue to enjoy the stories emphasis on Bruce Wayne as opposed to Batman. At one point, it even gives you the choice to interrogate the corrupt Mayor Hill as either Batman or Bruce Wayne.

I’m still optimistic about the game, the story and voice acting is still top-notch and the Children of Arkham make for a very intriguing new antagonist for Batman to contend with. My only concern is that the choices don’t seem too significant so far. Without spoiling anything, even the last one, which should have major consequences going forward, seems a bit iffy since they symbolize such a dramatic shift in the story that if you pick ending B instead of A, the story is probably going to force the events of ending A to happen in the third episode anyway. Or maybe not, maybe the masters of Telltale have crafted two equally satisfying yet diverse story paths that will engage and entertain everyone. Probably not but we’ll see.