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Author: Jack Tolzmann

Retro Review: Puss n’ Boots: Pero’s Great Adventure

Puss in Boots Pero’s Great Adventure is a short obscure little NES game. Based on popular Japanese film series The Wonderful World of Puss in Boots by Toei Animation, the game is a simple sidescroller that takes you around the world from the Old West, to London and along the way you shoot, bomb, and boomerang your way past everything from robotic frogs, some sort of winged wolf creature in a bath tub thing, and even a UFO. Gameplay wise there’s nothing complicated about it, you move from one side of the screen to the other hoping your unusually...

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Town of Salem

I can think of few other games that are as exhilarating, fascinating, infuriating, and a whole host of other “ings” as Town of Salem. If you’ve ever played the popular card game Mafia, it’s basically that but online. If you haven’t, than a brief explanation is in order. Your average game of Town of Salem involves 15 players who are in turn split into 3 groups. These are the Townies, Mafia, and filthy Neutrals. The Townies want to kill the Mafia; the Mafia wants to kill the Townies, while the Neutrals might want to kill everyone, themselves, or even...

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