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Author: Andrew Joyce

Pokemon GO Boosts Nintendo by Billions

Pokemon Go has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. Nintendo, sometimes mocked for their ‘gimmicky’ concepts, has definitely hit on a winner with the latest iteration of Pokemon. The app has made Nintendo 7.5 billion dollars in market gains. In two days. That is a stunning amount of money for such a short time frame, but it doesn’t appear to be the end of it by a long shot. Nintendo’s stock value shot up by 25% in the same time frame and they are well on their way to a 40% increase since then. This is all without...

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Kerbal Space Program Coming to Consoles

Kerbal Space Program, the fast and loose space program simulator, has been a major hit on Steam for some time. It is now counting down to it’s console launch, on July 12. That is just for PS4 at the moment, as no hard release date for the Xbox One has been announced yet. However, indications are that it will not be far...

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