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Who we are

Console Alliance is a collective of lifelong Gamers who have come together to bring you video game news, reviews, originals, and more.

We are very proud of our reviews and each one is written with professionalism, style, and an open mind.
The reviews are in depth and we make sure to give Gamers as much information as possible without containing spoilers but at the same time as giving the Gamer a great look into what is good and what is not so good about each game we review.

We bring the best and most important news to the Gamer from a posted article to our videos on YouTube. We gathered as much information as possible to give our visitors the best and most detailed news we can.

Special Video Game Unboxings
Our unboxing videos are professionally filmed and photographed to give each viewer a precise look at what comes in a “special” video game edition package. With multiple cameras and a look at everything from inside to the box itself, our series is one of the best on the web.

Console Alliance started out in 2008 as a video production company and as of 2016 we changed to news, reviews and more. We still occasionally will come out with an original video or series from time to time keeping our site full of various varieties of Video Game oriented material.

We hope to bring fellow Gamers great news, reviews and originals.
Thanks for being a fan.


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All videos are filmed from our in house studio. We are fully equipped with the latest in video and audio which provides us the ability to create great content from a full detailed series to a short news story.