Pokemon Go has finally granted the wish of millions of trainers worldwide and brought the Pokemon world into our everyday lives. But some people have noticed the real world and Pokemon are coming together with strange and sometimes hilarious results! Check out some of these pictures and stories from Pokemon trainers around the globe as they find Pokemon in the most interesting places.

1. Magikarp for Dinner

But I wanted a Tauros steak.


2. Pokemon Bar Crawls

Drink enough and maybe you’ll see one.


3. White House Pokemon Gym

America’s Elite Four is the Obama family.


4. Rattata Watching You Poop

Staring at your Pokeballs.


5. Exeggcute for Breakfast

A healthy way to start a trainer’s day.

6. Straight Outta Pallet Town

Who’s gonna knock you out? Gary’s gonna knock you out.


7. Someone Needs a Pokeflute

Or you could cross the street.


8. Now This Is a Pokemon Battle

I hope this doesn’t turn out like Pokemon Episode 1.


9. Australia Really Has Snakes in Toilets

Wait, that’s not my toilet paper.


10. How About a Diglett in Your Toilet?

I hope that’s not poop it’s shoveling.


11. Or In Your Cat Litter?

I REALLY hope that’s not poop it’s shoveling.


12. Weedle Sandwich

They also Cater Pies.


13. Military Building Pokespots

Must be Lt. Surge’s spot.


14. Meet Your Boss Nidorino

If you could throw your Pokeballs elsewhere, that’d be great.


15. Caterpie Watching You Sleep

And it knows what you do at night.


16. Don’t Pokemon and Drive

Seriously, don’t do it.


17. Getting Nearly Arrested for a Jynx

Who’s creepier, the Jynx or a guy in the park pointing a camera at kids?


18. Police Station Asks Trainers Not to Come Inside

Office Jenny must be pissed.


19. Squirtle on a Plane

Squirtle did not buy a boarding pass, but it wants to come along.

Pokemon Go will take you to some strange places. Remember! Be alert and stay safe! Don’t be the next Gastly we catch. And if you have any silly Pokemon pictures or stories, post it here and let your fellow trainers know!

Source: Goboiano